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Disastrous PS5 demo leads to Suicide Squad delay



Image: Push square

Warner Bros. has decided to delay Rocksteady’s development of the co-op shooter Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League after a disastrous showing recently. State of play. The response to the demo was the best, with footage showing characters like Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang floating around, shooting purple hues. Despite some high production values, the title did not fare well.

While the release was scheduled for May 26, reliable Bloomberg [Paywall] the scribe Jason Schreier claims it has been pushed back to the end of this yearHowever, there is no concrete word on when it will launch now.

Schreier is added for reference: “For what it’s worth, a delay like this is mainly for polish, not the core gameplay overhaul that caused the backlash. Suicide Squad started out as a game as a service and will be one short of a full reboot, which would require a lot of delays.

Our immediate reaction is that a delay won’t solve the game’s problems, as it has been widely criticized for including live service elements, gear scores, an online requirement in single player, and much more. The imaginative mission design was visible. None of these will get better in a few months.


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