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EA Play’s EA Sports PGA Tour PS5 trial has begun



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Update: EA Sports PGA Tour ten-hour trial available to download and try now on PS5 EA Play member The file size is 47.9GB.

Original article: EA Play Customers will be able to get a ten-hour trial of the EA Sports PGA Tour starting tomorrow, April 3. There is some confusion about the date – Official website of the publisher For example, April 4th is mentioned – but we have it on good authority that a full game test will be available to try starting on Monday, depending on your time zone.

As is always the case with EA Play, there will be no restrictions on modes or features, so you’ll be able to test the entire release for a maximum of ten hours. It’s a good idea to use your time wisely, so remember to close the application when you’re not actively playing to avoid wasting your demo time.


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