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EA Sports FC is reportedly set for a September 29 release



EA Sports’ first football simulator after FIFA, named EA Sports FC, can be reliably released on September 29, 2023 in PS5, PS4 consoles. PS Plus the liqueur Bilbil-kun. A new report from Mysterious Insider claims that such a release date is on the cards, and that standard and ultimate versions will be offered, with the latter giving you a week of early access. This edition allows dedicated players to start their career on 22 September 2023.

Additionally, EA Play members will receive a 10-hour trial after the final version goes live on PS5, PS4. It has been announced that EA Sports will reveal more about the game this month, with the logo being the only piece of marketing material made public so far. Many football clubs have also posted on social media how they will still be in the gameSo to speak.

While they are best known for PS Plus leaks before official announcements, Bilbil-kun is starting to post more information. Given their track record up to this point, it seems safe to place some level of confidence in this latest claim. Is this a release date you can work with or is it already a bit too crowded to fit another game into your schedule later this year? Start planning in the comments below.


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