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EA Sports UFC 5 will break noses, drop jaws on PS5



Image: Push square

EA Sports UFC 5 – not to be confused with the renamed soccer series EA Sports FC – will be officially announced in September 2023, after being teased Twitter Before today No platform was confirmed, but the series – along with Fight Night – has regularly pushed the limits of rendering, so PS5 is practically guaranteed. We’re not expecting a PS4 version right now, but it’s not impossible.

In 2021 there were rumors that the publisher had halted development of a new Fight Night game to continue development of its UFC franchise, and at the time the MMA title was pegged for a late 2022 release. It is clear that it is a very much Longer than expected to materialize, as we’re now deep into 2023 and it’s just about to be announced.

Still, we’re expecting it to be a stellar effort, as all EA Sports UFC outings have been visually stunning. We really like EA Sports UFC 4, but we understand that the developer still has work to nail down the ground game, which is very difficult to turn into compelling gameplay. The stand-and-bang aspect of the previous title was exceptional, however, and we expect more improvements to be revealed when it finally officially opens in September.


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