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Eric ‘Concerned Ape’ Barron teases Stardew Valley update, fans freak out



Image: GQ

Eric “Concerned Ape” Baron, the developer responsible for the indie mega-hit Stardew Valley, has been teasing some minor additions to the now-venerable game. Fans responded accordingly (despite nearly three years since the game was last updated), coming out of the woodwork and proving that once the ‘valley is in you, it’s a habit of kicking.

on the TwitterBaron stirred a little passion By casually advertising that, in addition to more dialogue, items, and a festival, there will also be secrets and, easily the most provocative, “???”.

Barron took a break from developing Stardew Valley’s eagerly-anticipated successor, Haunted Chocolatier, to work on Ex 1.6 update. No word on when the update actually drops, but you’ll likely hear The joyous cry of many millions Harmony of the players whenever this happens.

Do you still return to Stardew Valley every now and then, just to root out the weeds and shake off the guilt of having abandoned pets in a still, silent world? Let us know in the comments section below.


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