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Every golf fan is out of the ‘Thanos Snapped’ game as the servers go offline



An unfortunate day has come for PS4 golfing game Everybody’s Golf: its servers were taken offline overnight, meaning that none of its multiplayer functionality is now accessible. You can still play offline, but the Platinum trophy is no longer obtainable. It follows in the footsteps of PS4 games such as Killzone Shadow Fall and PS Vita titles Freedom Wars and Soul Surfaces in that their online components have been removed from the experience.

Committed fans a First a few more rounds of golf Servers were shut down, with some reporting how they had been “Thanos-snapped” out of the game as players exited the lobby one by one. Others made sure that they Won the platinum trophy Before it was too late.

Of course, everyone’s golf developer Clap Hanz is still very much around and making games, but you won’t find its latest golf title on PS5 or PS4. Easy come easy golf Only available for smartphones and Nintendo Switch, it’s also said to be a really cool offshoot.

Did you get a few more rounds of golf in before everyone else’s golf went offline? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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