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Fall Guys finally gets a level editor as part of Season 4 on May 10



The Fall Guys level creation mode was officially announced earlier this year, and now has a release date. The good news is that it’s just around the corner; Fall Guys Creative, as it’s called, joins the game on May 10, 2023, as part of Season 4.

This new mode will allow all players to create their own rounds using a simple set of editing tools. All you need to do is place your start and finish lines, then fill the stage with all kinds of obstacles and hazards. You’ll need to complete your level before you can publish it, and once you do, you’ll get a share code so you can let your friends visit your masterpiece. Your levels can also be shared publicly if you’d like, and Mediatonic will curate custom levels playlists so you can check out the best user-generated content. The video above features a breakdown of how to use the tools, and it all seems pretty straightforward – and on this blog post, it also says that the developer will use this mod to create future official levels as well.

Season 4 will introduce a total of 50 new rounds over its duration, with 20 available at launch. Additionally, this season adds an all-new Fame Pass structure, with three smaller and cheaper passes that give you more rewards over the course of the season. Of course these include lots of new costumes, in-game currency, and all the usual bits and pieces.

This looks like an awesome update, and we’re sure the Fall Guys community will be creating some truly terrifying obstacle courses in the near future. Are you excited for Fall Guys Creative? Start your blueprints in the comments section below.


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