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Feast your eyes on the 2D Dark Souls 3 Metroidvania like never before



Image: Thomas Feichtmeier

Between FromSoftware’s major releases, Souls fans often feed their addictions with 2D tex genre, many of which are fantastic in their own right, such as Blasphemus or Salt & Sanctuary. Each has its own unique appeal, but all lack something special from the sauce.

We recently got a look at something that was probably really cool, a screenshot of a Dark Souls 3 2D Metroidvania that was apparently pitched to Bandai Namco, but criminally, rejected. was given Look!

Created by the artist Thomas Feichtmeier (who actually worked on Blasphemus, incidentally), the idea was pitched to the Dark Souls publisher and rights holder about six years ago but was never picked up. Now that the NDA has expired, we can all marvel at Feichtmeier’s work, and pine for what could have been.

Feichtmeir explained the inspiration for the project, noting “The art here was made in a style that was possible within the average Metroidvania budget estimates of the time. Many Metroidvania games that looked pitched or interesting had a Dark Souls was the inspiration, so the idea makes a lot of sense.”

What do you think of the 2D Dark Souls 3 that never was? What do you think of the idea of ​​a 2D iteration of 3D games? Prepare to die in the comments section below.


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