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FIFA 23’s World Cup mode is coming for free on November 9



FIFA 23 will feature a World Cup mode on November 9, 2022, EA Sports has confirmed. You will be able to take pride of any qualified team in offline or online tournaments, and also participate in live modes based on the matches taking place on any given day. If your favorite national team doesn’t qualify, you can swap in 15 other countries and have them win the World Cup in a custom tournament.

The surrounding match-day experience has also been revamped, featuring clips of fans decked out in their country’s colors before taking part in pre-match activities. Strictly no alcohol or public displays of affection, of course. Only two of Qatar’s eight stadiums will actually make it into FIFA 23, however.

As for FIFA Ultimate Team, there will be no one dedicated this time. Instead, a Path to Glory event will run from the start of the World Cup and allow players to unlock “30 World Cup Heroes”. There will also be new team kits, match balls, stadium designs and various commentary packs to unlock before the end of the tournament. When the World Cup ends, the best performing players will be given permanent upgrades to their cards.


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