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Final Fantasy 16 distributed to fans as a squeeze gap discourse



Final Fantasy fans have been arguing about all sorts of things for decades, like which game is the best (VIII) or which has the best minigames (again, VIII). But something new has caught the community by surprise, and this time it’s the upcoming 19-second clip. Final Fantasy XVI With the return of some familiar and well-worn talking points, teasing fans.

In the clip, we meet Torgal, a wonderful canine companion who might have been the subject of this story, if not for Craves’ protagonist Clive. That’s right, we’re back in the old territory of the squeeze gap discourse, the most egregious of all game design sins (in the eyes of some fans).

In the colorful comments section of the tweet above, some decried the addition of yet another squeeze gap on current-gen machines, while others point out that you can clearly see the difference as an intentional one. K is a design option and does not, in fact, hide a loading screen. Lose yourself down Quote retweet rabbit hole As we did if you have nothing better to do.

We’re not really worried either way, honestly, but it’s an interesting move by Square Enix to put an official clip for a highly anticipated game that’s 50% a character in a tight space. The music, as always, is absolutely on point, credit must be given where it’s due. Final Fantasy XVI launches on PS5 on June 22.

What do you think about squeeze gaps in general and squeezegate in particular? Get all bent out of shape in the comments section below.


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