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Final Fantasy 16 features an all-new Game+ mode, story and hardcore difficulty settings



A new wave of Final Fantasy XVI interviews are making the rounds, and some new details are worth noting. In particular, Japanese publications 4 gamers There’s a long article that confirms the existence of what sounds like an extensive New Game+ mod.

Director Hiroshi Takai spilled the beans, stating that after completing the game, you can go through it a second time with all your unlocked abilities and equipment intact. On top of that, protagonist Clive’s level will be carried over to a fresh playthrough – and the enemies from that playthrough will obviously be adjusted accordingly. In other words, this sound is a correct New Game+.

The development team also wants players to know that there will be a range of difficulty settings should Satisfy everyone. A dedicated ‘Story Focus’ eases the challenge of difficult fight scenes, and it looks like it’ll let you chain attacks and special moves together automatically. There is also mention of a hard setting, but the devs don’t go into too much detail.

And finally, the interviewee reiterates that more information — a release date, based on what we know — will be made available before the year is out. In 2023, Square Enix will supposedly try to share more specific bits and pieces about the game as its summer launch window looms.


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