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Final Fantasy 16 is already having a big year



June 22, 2023. It’s a big day for Final Fantasy fans in the coming year, as Final Fantasy XVI closes in on its summer release date. We’ve had seven months before it arrives, but Square Enix isn’t wasting any time getting the ball rolling. In a straight-to-the-point social media post, the developer reiterates the aforementioned launch date, and promises “lots of information” in the meantime. Some beautiful new artwork has been added.

We understand that this is a fairly innocent statement, but let’s be real: there will be a marketing budget for this game heavy – and that’s without the facts in PlayStation’s involvement in the timely exclusivity deal. You are going to see A lot of things of Final Fantasy XVI in the next few months as we approach the promised date. Assuming it doesn’t get delayed, of course!

It’s not like Final Fantasy XVI has been kept under wraps since its announcement a few years ago — we got a lot of information about the game last year — but we still have a lot of questions. Many people have been surprised about how the title handles questing, for example, since almost every trailer we’ve seen has emphasized either the story or the combat. We’d love to see some uncut gameplay footage.


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