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Final Fantasy 16 is so polished, it doesn’t need a day one patch



Unlike most games released these days, Final Fantasy XVI probably won’t have a day one patch. In other words, the development team thinks the game is complete and polished, and doesn’t need any post-ship adjustments.

Director Hiroshi Takai said sports reporter That there are currently no plans to update the action RPG at launch, though we obviously wouldn’t be surprised if patches start rolling in later, as players start giving feedback. Still, it’s nice to hear that such a big budget title is fully playable right out of the box – a real rarity in this era of one day fixes.

From the outside looking in, it feels like development on Final Fantasy XVI has progressed quite smoothly – especially compared to its predecessors. it’s not Essentially According to our interviews with key staff members, it has, but still, the team is clearly very confident in what it’s built.


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