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Final Fantasy 16 is soaring up the sales charts after the star status of the play show



Despite being more than two months away from launch, Final Fantasy XVI has started to rocket up the best-seller charts. Amazon – and this is both in America and Europe. These charts are based on sales as well as pre-orders for games that have already been released, but typically, you don’t see pre-orders getting that high until much closer to a title’s launch date.

Final Fantasy XVI has actually topped the PS5 best sellers on Amazon US, beating Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (out in two weeks) and mainstream mega hit NBA 2K23. In the UK and other European territories, the action RPG hasn’t claimed the number one spot, but it’s moved up a bunch of places in a very short space of time, and it’s likely to only climb higher from this point.

Obviously, Amazon sales charts don’t paint the full picture, but they often indicate business trends given the sheer popularity of the online retailer. It is also worth noting that Final Fantasy XVI is currently in the top 50 in the US and top 100 in Europe on the overall gaming bestseller chart (which includes hardware and accessories as well as games).

The game’s massive State of Play showcase probably helped, even though it aired less than 24 hours before the time of writing. Just goes to show what kind of immediate impact big budget marketing can have!


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