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Final Fantasy 16’s PS5 Collector’s Edition is being pulled to high heaven



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The Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy 16 is great – It is also completely sold out. The complete bundle retails for £329.99/$349.99, including a set of pins, a steelbook case, and a cloth map, along with the giant titan statue-like Ekons Efreet and Phoenix. When you can join the waiting list Square Enix’s online store This limited edition is likely too long now to be notified when more are available.

Which makes it a perfect opportunity for scalpers. eBay Listings are already appearing to sell the item at double its MSRP, with some bold enough to ask as much as £999.99. It’s unlikely that anyone will actually pay these wild fees – especially when resellers don’t even have stock yet – but it goes to show how frustrating these limited-time items can be. Square Enix has been particularly serious with the availability of this content: pre-orders for the Anniversary Edition of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster are also currently being flogged for over $1,200.

All in all, you’d have to be pretty desperate (and rich) to cough up that kind of cash. If you didn’t get a pre-order for the Final Fantasy 16 Collector’s Edition, we’d recommend forgetting about its existence and moving on with your life. Yes, that steelbook and sculpture will look great on your shelf – but do you really need it? Not for twice its MSRP you don’t!

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