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Five free cars to enhance PS5, PS4 Sim Racer Gran Turismo 7



Gran Turismo 7 received its biggest update last month, with its massive and critically acclaimed PSVR2 Patches – but nothing stops this sports car. At the right time, the series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has taken over social media To confirm that another five free vehicles are on the way, and will be added as part of an update to the game next week.

There are heads of petrol Already busy trying to identify carsAnd it looks like we’re getting a few Porsches, an Audi RS5 DTM, a Toyota Alphard, and a Mazda 3. As always, specific models are difficult to pinpoint, as the lineup has been teased using silhouettes, making it practical. It is impossible to ascertain the exact versions of these vehicles until they are officially announced.

It is worth adding that this may not be the full extent of the update. While last month’s patch was a particularly big one, developer Polyphony Digital usually bundles in some new skins and other improvements when it refreshes the game, so keep an eye out for those. One thing we do know, however, is that the team’s AI beta GT Sophy will be removed on March 29.

All this suggests that there will be an update It is possible that We arrive on Wednesday, but we’ll update you with specific times when we get more information. Meanwhile, you will find Gran Turismo 7 in our list The best PSVR2 games – It really is that Good in virtual reality.


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