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Forken put it through its paces in the latest Digital Foundry PS5 tech test



Forspoken is currently a hot topic in core gaming circles and unfortunately, isn’t making headlines for the right reasons. Square Enix’s procrastination with the code has delayed our own review, but we have a first impression you can check out in the meantime. But how does the game hold up from a technical standpoint? As usual, on the Wizards Digital Foundry Has broken things down for the less mechanically minded among us.

First, good. Forsaken features incredibly fast load times, booting from the title screen into the game in about four seconds and less than a second if you continue with the current save. Add to that fast and fluid character and gameplay animations, truly impressive particle effects, detailed character models and crazy hair physics, and it’s clear that the shiny engine still has some juice left in the tank.

On the flip side, Lighting takes a significant step back, even from developer Luminous Productions’ last outing, 2016’s Final Fantasy XV. Framerate also leaves a lot to be desired, maintaining 60fps in Performance mode for the most part but oddly dipping below 50 in some areas of the open world, in addition to resolution scaling below 720p. Quality mode can’t maintain a consistent 30fps, either, and while it certainly looks impressive, it can drop down to 20 at times, a state of affairs that DF describes as “simply absurd”.

The whole video is worth watching if you’re interested in the more technical side of things, though it’s unlikely to convince you to pick it up if you’re already leaning towards a pass.

What do you think of Farspoken’s technical performance? Run a benchmark in the comments section below.


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