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Former Wild Arms devs show WIP Armed Fantasia gameplay



We also got to see the still-work-in-progress Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness, a Kickstarter success story that has taken off recently, and the title in action. Sure, it’s just one character running around an environment, but the environments look great, and the music is amazing. Plus, we love wild weapons, and shouldn’t that be reason enough?

Armed Fantasia has been described as a “western punk” JRPG, and we assume that means something to someone. It is being developed by Wild Bunch Productions, a studio comprised of developers who worked on the Wild Arms franchise, led by Wild Arms creator, Akifume Kaneko.

Incredibly, there are still 18 more days left in Armed Fantasia’s Double Kickstarter campaign, and the project has already received more than double what the creators originally asked for ($1,362,927 was pledged at the time of writing). . We won’t see the project in playable form for at least several more years, but it’s good to know the future of such a beloved franchise is in safe, well-funded hands.

What do you think of Armed Fantasia, and this WIP look at its gameplay? Provide constructive feedback in the comments section below.


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