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Free Racer Kart Rider: The Draft aims to fill the Mario Kart void on PS4 from March 8



There’s a distinct lack of quality kart racers on PS4, but KartRider: Drift hopes to secure a podium position from March 8, 2023. The free-to-play outing — which has been in beta testing for some time — will do a great job. Turbocharged started with its first season, titled New World. The game will be complete crossplay in PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

“Full cross-platform, crossplay will be available when Season 1 ‘New World’ arrives on March 8,” the press release states. “Season One also brings with it exciting new content: brand new tracks and race modes, a season-long theme, daily player rewards and events, and many other improvements.” There will be a handful of modes, including Battle Races, Traditional Races, License Tests and Time Attacks.

And, of course, you can look forward to tons of unlockable cosmetics: “With unique characters and a dazzling array of karts, KartRider: Draft players have the opportunity to fully express themselves and cross the finish line in style. has full control over customization options. More characters, karts, accessories and emotes can be unlocked through the standard Racing Pass, where racers can complete various daily challenges and event challenges. New premium challenges and rewards are also available with the purchase of the Premium Racing Pass.

Would you give it up at all? It does not have brand appeal mario kartBut the gameplay looks solid, and the commitment to post-release updates means it should stay fresh as long as the developer continues to support it.


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