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Gallery: PlayStation Studios boss Herman Hulst’s Twitter avatars are the best



It’s no secret that PlayStation’s top dogs aren’t particularly active on social media. If you follow the likes Herman Hulst, Mark CernyAnd Shuhi Yoshida, you won’t get many posts from them, usually. Company CEO Jim Ryan’s Twitter account doesn’t seem to exist at all. Save for this parody profile. However, there’s a very good reason to follow at least one of these fellows — Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, has awesome Twitter avatars.

He used to have a really cool, professional-looking headshot, the kind of image you’d see if he was doing an interview with a corporate magazine or something. However, sometime after the launch in 2021 PS5, Hulst’s profile picture became a cartoon depiction of the executive. Innocent enough, but definitely a big change from her previously well-lit, stoic-faced photo.

However, what’s great is that this image changes every time to represent a different PlayStation-related release, and that’s genius. Here’s all we’ve seen so far:


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