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Game of the Year: #2 – Alden Ring



There have already been so many long-winded articles written about Eldon Ring, so many two-hour YouTube critiques produced, that the following passage is unlikely to contain a single original take on the FromSoftware title. Occupying the same space The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is considered a generational game; Brilliant combat, unparalleled open world exploration, and stunning visual design make it up.

While Alden Ring isn’t our Game of the Year for 2022, it will certainly go down as one of the most impressive experiences for years to come. Developers will be looking to FromSoftware for inspiration for the entire PS5 generation, looking for a way to make their map as big on the y-axis as it is on the x-axis, or improve their boss designs with some flair. . An incredible game in its own right, the Eldon Ring can be studied as a way to enhance future experiences.


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