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Game of the Year: #7 – Sonic Frontiers



Image: Push square

look Sonic has been in a rough spot for bloody ages. Don’t get away from it, no matter how fast you can run. SEGA is required To stir things up, lest its talisman advance into the abyss. By some miracle, the Sonic team finally realized it needed to expand on its ideas, and the result is the character’s best 3D game in a long, long time. Sonic Frontiers finally gets the hedgehog on the right track, and that’s commendable.

We’re not saying it’s without its flaws; It’s far from the perfect adventure, but it lays a solid foundation that sets us up for some potentially great entries in the future. First and foremost, what the game gets right is how Sonic moves. The open world gives the blue blur a lot of room to run, and blasting along super fast is just plain fun. Plus, his platforming abilities feel tighter and more responsive than any Boost-style games, and honestly, that’s half the battle won.


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