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Game of the Year: Best PS5, PS4 Story Game of 2022



our game of the year Coverage continues with Best PS5, PS4 Story Game of 2022Of which a top four is put together push square Editorial team. This category crowns the best PS5, PS4 titles that have made their stories a very important pillar of the experience. Finally, we’ll list some honorable mentions.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s story was one of the most engaging on the PS4, and Guerrilla Games really expands on the premise by going off the rails. It’s sci-fi madness full of alien invaders, new technology and feats that cannot be achieved by any ordinary human. The narrative has its believers, but also its skeptics. It is widely agreed that the Clans stories and many side content are of high quality, however, the stories are worth watching till the end even if they are not related to the main plot. Even if you don’t like where the story goes, there’s really no denying that the developer is all over the story, with a third game ready to rock and roll.

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Best PS5, PS4 Story Game 3

Trails from Zero may be an older RPG – first debuting on the PSP in 2010 – but it has a timeless quality to its narrative, aided greatly by Falcom’s trademark efforts at world building. The entire game takes place in and around the city of Crossbell, and during its 50-hour runtime, you can explore the kingdom’s streets and buildings, as well as its incredible cast of characters. Zero does an enviable job of hooking you in with personal stories before pulling you into a more dramatic overarching plot. Fascinating content at its best.

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Best PS5, PS4 Story Game 4

A Plague Tale: Requiem’s ​​premise isn’t reality, its story may hit brutally close to home. The brother and sister duo of Amicia and Hugo return for another life-threatening adventure that’s downright frustrating at almost every turn. Nothing ever goes right for them, culminating in an ending that is sure to shed a few tears. As heartbreaking as it may be, however, the sequel from Asobo Studio is absolutely gripping. The plot is designed to enhance, with dialogue and emotional encounters touching on every aspect of the experience. It’s as sad as it is charming. An excellent story-driven follow-up from the French studio.

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Best PS5, PS4 Story Game 5

First thought of as a rebooted trilogy, God of War Ragnarok had the task of packing two games of story into one massive experience. 40 or so hours later, the Santa Monica studio told the biggest video game story of the year. It sees Kratos, Atreus, and friends take on the cataclysm that is Ragnarok as well as those trying to bring about its final days. A fantastic cast of new characters quickly become the stars of the show, and with unforgettable moments that play with your expectations throughout the story, the game surprises as much as it delights. A really great conclusion to the Norse arc of the God of War franchise.

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Honorable Mention: Return to Monkey Island, Road 96, Stray, and The Last of Us: Part I.

What was your favorite PS5, PS4 story game of 2022? Cast a vote in our poll and then explain your personal choice in the comments below. For further game of the year Coverage, click on the link.


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