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Game of the Year: Push Square Readers’ Top 10 PS5, PS4 Games of 2022



It’s time to unveil the best PS5 and PS4 games of 2022, according to readers… push square! Near the end of the year, we asked our community to vote for their favorite titles, based on a shortlist of 50 PlayStation games.

This year, the voting system was actually weighted based on user preference, with one’s number one game being given more points than their second choice, then their third choice, and so on. Readers can vote for up to five games.

Below are the top ten games of 2022, as voted by our community. We also included total vote count, total points, and total vote percentage per game.

10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 287 votes, 724 points (2%)
9. Unwanted: Legacy of Thieves’ Collection – 339 votes, 734 points (2%)
8. Sifu – 325 votes, 746 points (2%)
7. A Plague Tale: Request – 461 votes, 1,216 points (3%)
6. The Last of Us: Part One – 577 votes, 1,507 points (4%)

5. Gran Turismo 7 – 583 votes, 1646 points (5%)

Many would say that Gran Turismo came back with a bang in 2022 thanks to Gran Turismo 7. The long-awaited mainline sequel is a highly polished racing sim, decorated with all kinds of details that only a developer like Polyphony Digital can deliver. A clear and unbridled appreciation for all things automobile is the driving force behind everything impressive in the legendary series’ latest. It looks great, it handles like a dream, and it’s fit to burst through the stuff. What more could you want from a Gran Turismo?

4. Awara – 735 votes, 1803 points (5%)

wander off

Stray proved to be a smash hit when it released directly on PS Plus in the summer. This atmospheric exploration game is, of course, famous for the fact that you play as a cat – but get past the gimmick and it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into creating Stray’s dense, detailed world. Slinky controls and an engaging storyline further enhance the experience, until we’re left with a refreshingly focused adventure that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. A pleasure, as many of you agree.

3. Alden Ring – 1,288 votes, 5,166 points (15%)

Alden Ring

And this is where the difference in points starts to become very clear. Let’s face it: 2022 was a good year for gaming, but only a handful of titles seemed to capture the hearts and minds of gamers. One of those games was, of course, Alden Ring. FromSoftware took their Souls formula and built an entire open world around it. The result was, by far, the most successful title the Japanese developer has ever been a part of, absolutely breaking sales records and garnering worldwide acclaim. For months, Alden Ring was the talk of the town, and it’s easy to see why. A massive, utterly captivating RPG that will go down as an all-time great.

Horizon Forbidden West

Proving that open world games aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you overwhelmingly voted Horizon Forbidden West as the second best game of 2022. A fantastic adventure across dense wilderness and magnificent ruins, Aloy’s sophomore outing is basically buried by the aforementioned Alden. ring as gaming talk – but its virtues have certainly not been forgotten by PlayStation fans. Guerrilla Games once again shows that it is capable of delivering technological marvels, while Horizon Zero Dawn has fared well. More robot dinosaurs, more combat depth, more characters, more alloys — another seriously impressive effort from PlayStation Studios.

Ragnarok God of War

As if there was ever any doubt. Like Thor’s mighty hammer, the God of War Ragnarok came near the end of the year and literally blew everyone away. 2018 God of War C No An easy act to follow — but Ragnarok is arguably on a different level. In terms of scope, it’s a mind-blowing achievement as Kratos and Atreus journey across nine realms, all carefully crafted and full of combat encounters, puzzles and secrets. Even among Sony’s heaviest hitters, Ragnarok feels like an absolute juggernaut. It’s no surprise that this wonderful Norse tale ran away with the readers’ vote – a fantastic winner, and a more than worthy Game of the Year.

What do you make of this top ten? Are there any surprises? What games do you think were missed? You only have yourself to blame in the comments section below.


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