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Genshin Impact voice actors claim to be owed thousands for work completed months ago



Genshin Impact is one of the biggest gaming properties in the world, making insane profits with an addictive loop that manages to hook millions, even Push Square’s own Sammy Barker fell prey to its siren song. . Now, several voice actors are claiming they are owed thousands for unpaid work completed months ago. The issue, it is said, is not with the developer miHoYo, but instead With the Formosa groupAudio studio responsible for the English dub of the title.

As reported by the gamer, Brandon Winkler Was fed up after waiting what was described as more than three months for payment “Literally the biggest video game project out there”. He got the ball rolling and quickly gained support from both the fan community as well as other actors. Winkler is an established voice actor with a list of credits in both games and anime, appearing in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Disgaia 6, and Vineland SagaTo name a few.

Corina Boettgerwho voices the protagonist’s partner Pemon (and thus has thousands of lines in the ever-expanding play), joins Winkler in this, claiming to await payment for the work returned in December 2022. Both Boettger and Winkler called out the fans. To support the effort to “make the game SAG” within the Genshin Impact community (join Greens – Afra Union), making their feelings known to miHoYo.

Last month, the WGA Entertainment has been in upheaval since screwing up Hollywood, along with all your favorites Film and TV stars are joining them overnight. Stand up for yourself in the comments section below.


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