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Genshin Impact’s big 3.5 update promises rewards and reunions on PS5, PS4



The next big update to the gacha giga hit Genshin Impact is weeks away, and developer miHoYo has revealed what eager fans can expect. Scheduled to roll out to PS5 and PS4 — as well as, of course, PC and smartphones — the revamp will bring with it new characters, returning minigames, and more. It’s called Windbloom’s Breath.

The blurb reads, “As spring approaches Mondstad City, the Windbloom Festival returns with more challenges, rewards and reunions for people to revel in the spirit of love and freedom. “Minigames, including the rhythm game ‘Ballads of Breeze’, the maze chase game ‘Floral Pursuit’, and the photo-touring mode ‘Breezy Snapshot’, will be available for a limited time. Foreign guests from as far away as Sumeru will also be welcomed in this festival. As Collie returns to Mondstadt with Tighnari and Sino, an adventure surrounding a mysterious prophecy will begin.

The brand new banner will see the addition of two new characters with “different fighting styles”. The press release elaborates: “The legendary Eremite Dehya wields her massive claymore and pyro power in battle. With her elemental skill, Dehya can create a fiery field that not only deals pyro damage to enemies within her, but also transfers part of the damage taken by her teammates to herself. With her elemental burst, Dehya throws aside her claymore and hits her foes with fists and a stylish kick.”

It adds: “Another new character, Micah, is the most active cartographer of the Knights of Favonius. Not only can he wield his polearm and cryo vision in battle, he can target enemies with a crossbow using his elemental skills and increase attack speed and physical damage to his allies. Also, this four-star character can help teammates constantly recover HP with his Elemental Burst.

There’s a lot more going on in this update, with new discoveries and improvements. Those of you playing the Genius Invocation trading card game may be excited to learn about the addition of three new character cards, while there will be an additional Intertwined Fate on offer for each Archon Quest you complete. Not too dirty!


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