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Ghost of Tsushima’s movie looks visually gorgeous



Image: Push square

Ghost of Tsushima isn’t just one of the most beautiful games on PS4 – it’s one of the most beautiful games ever! And John Wick director Chad Stahelski, tasked with bringing Jin Skye to the big screen, wants to find a way to recreate the sandbox glory of Sucker Punch in theaters around the world.

Talking to Discussion of the film, he shared a little insight into how he plans to adapt one of PlayStation’s biggest hits: “If you really dive into the story of Jin Skye and what the movie is really about, Tsushima’s Bhoot is a really interesting story. And you connect him with these amazing visuals. You can already tell from John Wick movies that I love color and I love composition. To really try and not only match but exceed what the game has done with its visuals is absolutely fascinating to me. “

He added that he wanted to find a way to “push the color palette”, but wondered: “How do you bring that world to life in a very realistic and grounded way?”

All this discussion of color is interesting, of course, because Tsushima’s Ghost also includes a monochrome Kurosawa mode, which is something Stahelski has also shown interest in replicating in the past. “It’s definitely a conversation,” he said, when asked about the possibility of the film being shot in black and white.

After all, it seems to us that Stahelski has a lot of ideas bouncing around in his head, but given his work on the John Wick franchise, we have no doubt that he’s going to dream up a fantastic adaptation of the juggernaut PlayStation game. .


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