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God of War Ragnarok Dev Diary is involved in deepening the narrative



Sony has released the first episode of what appears to be a miniseries of Dev Diaries about God’s Ragnarok. This 10-minute video features the game’s writing team as they explore the details of the narrative in the first game, and how to craft it for the fast-approaching sequel. There are story spoilers for God of War 2018, so be careful if you’re yet to play it.

The developers take a look at the main story beats in the last game before turning their attention to what plot points they build towards in the sequel. Without going into too much detail, the prophesied Fimbulwinter engulfs the world in an eternal cold, and is said to precede the titular Ragnarok – an apocalyptic battle.

We see some behind-the-scenes footage of the performance capture, and hear about how the studio has had to adapt to the pandemic while moving forward with its normal processes. Sunny Suljic, who plays Atreus, is obviously several years older than in the previous game, and the team had to work around his changing voice while recording his scenes.

There’s more in the video, but we’ll leave it up to you to see for yourself. Are you excited to see how the story unfolds in God of War Ragnarok? Go sledding in the comments section below.


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