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God of War Ragnarok enjoyed the biggest UK launch in the series’ history, just one day after its release.



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God of War Ragnarok was always going to be a commercial juggernaut, but it looks like the PS5 and PS4 sequel may go above and beyond some expectations. According to UK chart firm GfK (as reported by Sports industry), Ragnarok has already broken records, enjoying the biggest UK launch in franchise history — and that’s based on physical sales alone.

What’s more, Sequel A has managed to shift more copies single day No other God of War title has managed in its first full week on the market. The adventure of Kratos is a given Always Sold particularly well, this result would be a very promising sign from Sony’s point of view.

Ragnarok is expected to jump straight to the top of the latest UK charts, which will be officially revealed in the coming days. Its predecessor, the 2018 God of War reboot, is currently the most commercially successful installment in the series, so it very much It will be interesting to see if Ragnarok can keep up the pace, and perhaps even surpass the Santa Monica studio’s previous efforts.

The report also states that 55 percent of Ragnarok’s initial PS5 sales came courtesy of the console bundle, and so it’s fair to assume that Sony’s current-gen system will post some impressive numbers alongside its new blockbuster.

How well do you think Gods of War Ragnarok will sell? Are we looking at a real record breaker here, or will things slow down? No need for spartan rage in the comments section below.


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