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God of War Ragnarok update 4.01 is now available on PS5, PS4, here are all the patch notes



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Hot on the heels of a previous major update, Santa Monica Studio has released a new patch for God of War Ragnarok. Aimed at the issues introduced with New Game Plus and other additional content, this seems like a small but important update if you’re going through Kratos’ journey once again.

The patch (version 4.01) fixes a bunch of bugs in NG+, such as some armor sets not upgrading past level 9, and quest rewards not being awarded. It also fixes a rare game crash when saving to load. Additionally, issues with some trophies not unlocking have been resolved.

Here are Full patch notes:


  • Fixed an issue where the Darkdale Waist Guard or Risen Barf Armor could not be upgraded past level 9 in NG+.


  • Fixed an issue where some quest resources were not awarded upon completion in NG+ (Lindwyrm Scales, Sovereign Coals, Essence of Hel). These resources will be awarded retroactively to players who should have received them.


  • Fixed a rare case where the application would crash when loading some save files.

the trophies

  • Fixed an issue where the “Ready for Commitment” trophy would not unlock when upgrading NG+ armor to level 9 or higher.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Dragon Slayer” trophy could not be obtained during NG+ if the player did not build the Dragon Scale Armor during the first playthrough on the base game.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Phalanx” trophy could not be earned if the player had crafted a level 9+ shield before crafting every other shield type.

If you get the armor from the lost items chest in the shop, you will need to restart or reload your game to get the trophy.

Please note that these trophies will be awarded to players who have completed the prerequisites between the NG+ patch (v. 04.00) and the time this patch is applied.


  • Fixed a rare case where the application would crash in the UI.

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