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God of War Ragnarok’s award-winning soundtrack breaks down in exciting video



Rarely touched upon when talking about Sony’s first-party games is their sound design, which is almost universally excellent. PlayStation Studios has an ear for really good audio, and it’s all down to people like Joanna Fang, a Foley artist working on the platform’s big-budget exclusives.

In the video above from Wired, we’re introduced to her and her amazing Foley Studio, where she creates sound effects from the mundane to the sublime using everyday objects. Packed wall-to-wall with items and materials of all shapes and sizes, these are the tools with which he is able to create all the sound effects we don’t even think about during the game. Using God of War Ragnarok as a prime example, the video is essentially a 10-minute breakdown of his role; We see how she reproduces all kinds of sounds, from leather shaking to a skull being crushed under Thor’s hammer.

It’s a very interesting look at a part of sports production that we rarely see. Although this method of creating sound effects is quite well known in movies and TV, it is being used very well in PlayStation Studios.

What do you make of the video? Do you have any favorite, memorable sound effects from games? Discuss in the comment section below.


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