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Guerrilla Games’ top talent continues to occupy PS Studios



At the top of Guerrilla Games it all changes. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, a handful of the studio’s top guys are taking on new roles. Perhaps most notably, Angie Smets has been Promoted to head of development strategy for PlayStation Studios.

She will leave her old job as studio director and executive producer at Guerrilla to work on Sony’s first-party slate as a whole. Smets started working at the studio about 20 years ago, and has gradually worked his way up to top management. Now, she will leave the team to oversee all of Sony’s developers.

It’s an interesting trajectory, because it’s similar to Herman Hulst’s. He was also once the head of Guerrilla Games, and a few years ago he was made president of PS Studios. It appears that the Amsterdam studio is a real hotbed for talent — perhaps we’ll see more Guerrilla alumni making their way to PlayStation in the future.

As mentioned earlier, Smets isn’t the only one getting promoted. Joel Eschler and Hella Schmidt will join Jan-Bart van Beek as fellow studio directors as well as lead production and art, respectively. Meanwhile, technical director Michiel van der Leeuw will focus on the development of the team’s powerful in-house engine, Decima.


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