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Hands On: Modern Warfare 2 Scrapes Red Dots, But It’s A Great Beta



“Welcome to a new era of Call of Duty,” the Modern Warfare 2 beta proudly announces on the PS5 home screen. Is it, though? Infinity Ward’s latest looks like the other 18 mainline installments before it, but with Warzone 2 alongside the main game, we may be entering another generation of Call of Duty dominance. Bringing back the general feel and mechanics of 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s a strong showing in the lead-up to next month’s release.

Part of the reboot from three years ago, the development cycle descends on Infinity Ward to become the PS3’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Naming decisions aside, this is a bigger and better version of the blockbuster. FPS series. The fluid movement system returns with new features, and so does the ability to mount your weapon to improve its accuracy and better control recoil. It was in Call of Duty: Vanguard too, but so many people left the game that the feature almost feels new again. Either way, we’re happy to have it back.

To be honest, we’re pretty happy to see Call of Duty back with an entry that looks like a return to form. We’ve only been able to spend a few hours with the beta which only covers a small selection of maps and modes, of course. But for a franchise with a fanbase that constantly whines and moans about changes during the beta phase, we hardly have anything to complain about.

Modern Warfare 2 Takes Netflix Look Hands On 2

It’s important not to get carried away: The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta isn’t going to suddenly turn non-believers into supporters. It’s still a Call of Duty title with plenty of fast-paced action that rewards quick reflexes and those who go in all guns blazing. From the looks of it, it’s just another $70 investment to gain access to new maps, guns, and mechanics. While this is probably a fair assumption, there are some changes to the multiplayer formula that are going to take some time to figure out properly.

The first is to remove the red dots from the map. To our knowledge, in every previous Call of Duty game, whenever you fire your gun without a silencer, you briefly appear as a red dot on the mini-map. This is one of the most standard Features Experience work. It’s hard to even call it a feature; This is one hope. It’s surprising that Modern Warfare 2 pulls this off.

What does the silencer attachment mean at this point? They reduce the sound of your shots somewhat, but nearby enemies can still hear them. Now you’ll never be able to tell where the action is in a team deathmatch on the mini-map, or be alerted to another player nearby. Is this a change that will positively or negatively affect online matches, though? Hard to say at this point. There’s definitely some early whiplash here: we’re still ogling that mini-map in the top-right corner for any scent of an enemy, so it’s affecting our gameplay when you have so much here. No need to look.

Modern Warfare 2 Adopts Netflix Look Hands On 3

More testing – especially in the full game – is needed to see how this change plays out. In theory, you no longer need an attachment slot for the silencer, allowing you to further customize the loadout. But it’s impossible to get away from the weirdness of having no more red dots on that mini-map! Come back to us in a few months and we’ll probably have a definitive answer on the tweak.

Something else that will take some time to work out is the perk system, which no longer gives you all the perks you get at the start of a match. Instead, they’ll unlock over time, with your final “Ultimate Advantage” activating in the later stages of an online match. Why? Only the Infinite Ward knows. This isn’t necessarily a bad change since all players in a match should theoretically unlock their last perk at the same time. But, like, why? It feels like a change that was made purely so that the developer could point to something that was done that actually affected the flow of gameplay. As with removing the red dots mini-map, the jury is out on whether this makes the title better. We can’t really think of a positive for this change, so let’s talk about what we like.

This is the new attack mode. In a 20 v 20 faceoff, both teams are joined on the map by AI. This makes matches even more chaotic because while they don’t pose as much of a threat as real-life players, they can control territory and gang up on teammates. It’s a really fun mode that captures the scale of a Battle Royale match, but matches it with constant respawns so you don’t have to worry about dying so much. It will certainly become a popular choice during Domination, Search and Destroy, and friendly encounters with Hardpoint.

Modern Warfare 2 Adopts Netflix Look Hands On 4

The many changes made to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will take time to properly judge, but one we hope you must navigate before starting a match. From the way to customizing loadouts from the main menu, they all look like they came straight out of Netflix. It’s tiles upon tiles, and they’re a chore to navigate. You’ll need to scroll through all of them to find the mode you really want to play, and with a few taking up the entire screen at any given time, you’ll be holding down buttons for a lot longer than you’d like. .

This may work if you are using a mouse and keyboard. However, on a controller, the tiles only lengthen the time to get from the menu to the actual gameplay. They can also be quite confusing: it took maybe four tries before we actually saved our custom loadout because it’s not clear what the game wants you to do once you’ve locked down your choices. . It’s highly unlikely that Infinity Ward will completely change its menu system at this point in development, though, so we’ll have to bear with it. This is accompanied by disruptive lobbies and a complex party system. happiness

Modern Warfare 2 Adopts Netflix Look Hands On 5

For a beta we’re usually pretty high on, this hands-on article probably comes across as quite negative. It wasn’t our intention, but while making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 so well known already, we have to focus on what’s different. Shooting feels great once again. Movement is responsive, light and fast-paced. The maps seem to be better this time around, with some fun gunfire already happening and various flanking points to find. The audio is top notch and firing your weapon sounds fantastic.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was so great three years ago, and with Warzone 2 coming a few weeks later, the sequel is set to recapture the heights of Activision’s FPS heavyweight. Consider signing us up for the full release on October 28, 2022. We wish we didn’t have to scroll through so many tiles to take action.

Are you playing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta? What are your first impressions? Share them all in the comments below.


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