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Happy New Year from Push Square team



Image: Push square

And so ends another marginally less unusual – but no less dramatic – year! Welcome to 2023, folks, where we all ride on hoverboards and have augmented reality lenses implanted in our eyes. Not really, of course! It’s basically the same as 2022, except we’ve all grown up a bit and can no longer afford to turn on our game consoles. Oh!

We have already mentioned how the last 12 months were record breaking push square, but as we all rush to set up our 2023 Dua Lipa calendars, it’s time to wait. Our main goal for the website is to provide the industry-leading PlayStation coverage you know and love, but also expansion and variety.

Sony’s gaming strategy is evolving, and if we don’t keep up the momentum we won’t be the number one PS5 and PS4 website. So we have some key aspirations for the coming year. If we were to break down our goals for 2023 into an easily digestible, corporate friendly bullet list, it would look a little like this:

  • To continue our best-in-class coverage of all things PlayStation, especially PS Studio games and PS Plus.
  • To be the number one source for PSVR2At launch and beyond.
  • To expand and diversify the scope of our output to efficiently and effectively cover first-party live service games, PlayStation franchises such as movies and television series, smartphone spin-offs, and PC conversions.

Finally, as Sony diversifies and reaches new audiences, we want to be there every step of the way, welcoming new faces into the wonderful world of PlayStation. It’s an exciting time to be a fan, but it also presents a great opportunity for this website. We hope you enjoyed our Christmas coverage, and we’re itching to go again as 2023 rolls around.


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