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Here’s a brand new reveal of what PS5, PC game Concorde is all about



of yesterday PlayStation Showcase Left a lot to the imagination when Concorde was confirmed, a new PS5, PC game from recently acquired Firewalk Studios. A quick trailer apparently took place in space, but other than that, all we got was a logo and a 2024 release window. Thank you, the The PlayStation Blog provided few other details beyond the full 51 seconds of CGI footage.

Concord is a “PvP multiplayer first-person shooter” based on connection building and social play set in a “vibrant sci-fi universe”. “Every time you log in, a new adventure begins and every match is an opportunity for a new story. These are the ideals that define Concorde, its unique universe of vibrant worlds, and its colorful cast of characters. Rich cast.”

And, well, that’s actually what sports director Ryan Ellis had to say. He explained that Firewalk Studio is still “hard at work on development” and you can follow the team’s social media pages for the latest updates. With the PS5, PC title due for release next year, it’s pretty surprising that these are all the details we have – and no gameplay either.

Like FairGame$, this is a live service title that PlayStation fans will expect to play much better than it appears. Are you interested in the Concord pitch? Let us know in the comments below.


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