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Hitman 3’s roguelite freelancer mode will postpone the journey until 2023



IO Interactive is taking its time ramping up Hitman 3’s “further development,” and that means ThreeQuelle’s anticipated freelancer mode has been pushed back to January 26, 2023. In fact earlier this year, the feature will be available as a freebie. Update for all owners of Agent 47’s latest outing.

The mode – which will receive a closed tech test on Steam in November – will see you break out of a customized safehouse, completing unique objectives in familiar locations from the series. You will need to determine what items you take with you, and be careful not to leave important equipment behind.

“The closed technical test is about stressing our servers in preparation for the launch,” said the Danish developer. “We want to get an initial idea of ​​player behavior and do some economy and XP balancing in a large-scale real-life scenario. These are the final checkboxes we need to tick off before launching.

IO Interactive admitted that, despite being a free update, the scale of the mod has grown significantly since it was announced earlier in the year: “We’ve decided to expand beyond our original scope for launch and this have decided to include almost all locations in the world in Assassination from day 1. We are continuing to work on making the launch experience as frictionless as possible for all players.


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