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Hogwarts Legacy PS5 patch 1.05 contains gameplay, performance improvements, quest bug fixes



A new update for Hogwarts Legacy is now available to download on PS5. Patch 1.05 (or 1.000.005, if you want to be technical), comes with a long list of improvements — mostly focusing on performance and bugs. If you’ve had problems with certain quests or are running into some gameplay glitches, this update may be just what you need.

Update 1.05 on PS5 weighs in at a reasonable 1.129GB, and we’ve pasted all the patch notes below. As indicated, however, you’ll want to make yourself comfortable before diving in, as they are not small!

Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Update 1.05 Patch Notes

Developer Note – This patch addresses overall gameplay, performance and stability as well as online connection improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • General
    • Online
      • Improve player account network registration and tracking.
      • Fixed DLC related issues during pause menu, gear menu.
      • Fixed DLC flying mount inventory issue potentially disappearing during a mission.
    • gameplay
      • mission
        • Fixed a blocker issue when unlocking a bandit camp cage before starting a mission. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-437.
        • Fixed not being able to complete a quest during a certain conversation with Madam Kogawa missing from her desk. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-1173.
        • Fixed avatar trapped between barrel and furnace by jumping or opening tool wheel.
        • Fixed a duplication collision before a store entrance.
        • Fixed issue with waypoints in the air instead of on the ground within Hogsmeade.
        • Fixed objective maker correctly exceeding figure after waiting period.
        • Fixed missing exit prompts on some doors inside Hogwarts.
        • Opening butterfly chests other than those intended for a quest does not count towards mission progress. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-5620.
        • Stabilize butterflies to not appear on a certain area to advance the mission again. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-4807.
        • Fixed incorrect merge mission progress.
        • Fixed a stability issue with spoons in Potions Classroom.
        • Fixed stars present when focusing binoculars during astronomy class at low settings. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-3032.
        • Fixed star shine and pop issues with astronomy mini-games.
        • Fixed shields not displaying correctly during Crossing Wands missions.
      • The flight of the broom
        • Fixed player getting stuck when sweeping or rotating a statue.
        • Fixed not landing on Viaduct Bridge.
        • Fixed trap breaking when mounting an avatar broom after teleporting to an open area.
        • Fixed flash and shuttering when mounting any broom.
      • world event
        • Fixed wagon trains cutting into each other when avatar is blocking them.
        • Fixed occasional respawning duplication of one-man bands in Hogsmeade.
      • letters
        • Fixed issue with characters not having hair.
      • VFX
        • Constant sweep speed parameter.
        • Fixed enemy shields not displaying correctly during Cross Wands missions.
        • Fixed enemy shields sometimes disappearing after being hit.
        • Fixed appearance of constellations on an astronomical table.
        • Fixed Dark Wizard Extortionist AOE lightning VFX attack remaining on screen.
    • Audio
      • Fixed audio of waterfall in cliffside based on proximity of avatars.
      • Update to the latest audio sound banks.
    • UI
      • Updated localization strings
      • Fixed female avatar face appearing different from creation preview during gameplay. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-543.
      • Fixed transition between UI purchase window and forced interactions with sellers.
      • Fixed map showing incorrect route to map chamber.
      • Fixed damage being dealt when an enemy is hit with Transformation and Ancient Magic Throw. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-4810.
      • Improve tracking for room in need.
    • Cinematics
      • Updated facial animations.
      • Fixed NPC treadmilling during House Cup.
      • Fixed blurred textures and LOD pop.
      • The robes of the still avatar seen before Fig. are seen before the ceremony of circumcising them.
    • Raytracing
      • Improve stability and performance after long play.
      • Improve VFX performance during raytracing.
      • Improve performance by batching and caching retracing buffers.
      • Removed fog volume for better BVH performance.
    • Save the game
      • Fixed not being able to talk to vendors during sequential saves after the issue was patched. Addresses the following reported issues: HL-412, HL-494, HL-590, HL-5260.
      • Steady streaming in and out after getting the ‘dung bomb’ field guide and loading a manual save.
      • Fixed an issue when closing the title and loading an auto-save during the end credits causing an infinite loading screen.
      • A fixed voice pitch setting fixes problems with avatars.
    • Performance and stability
      • Fixed streaming issues in Hogwarts.
      • Fixed crash when showing a shared room to the player.
      • Fixed crash with skeleton mesh.
      • Fixed crashes with deflection effects.
      • Fixed crash when reading dictionary files.
      • Fixed performance when using the Ancient Magic Squash finisher on the elevated Thornback ambusher in the Rune Door Arena.
      • Improve rendering performance of transparent objects.
      • Fixed crash during a story graph.
      • A steady stream of plants in the Slytherin common room.
      • Fixed several memory leaks.
      • Fixed crash with map icon position.
      • Fixed crash with invalid UI.
      • Steady streaming out of the Great Hall while navigating Hogwarts. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-71.
      • Fixed crash during audio occlusion checks around the player.
      • Fixed crash when using explosive barrels.
      • Fixed crash when using Incendio spell.
      • Fixed crash when using Accio, Congringo, or Stupefy spells.
      • Fixed crash when updating gear items.
      • Fixed crash recursive crash with Solomon Shields.
      • Fixed crash with mount zone.
      • Fixed crash during battle cursed lifetime.
      • Fixed crashes while running on broomsticks and during spawning.
      • Fixed interruption with door opening and closing.
      • The issue of eliminating the fixed barrier.
      • Fixed a crash when traveling to Professor Figg’s classroom.
      • Fixed crashes related to Niagara and devastating related VFX.
      • Fixed a crash with damage over time when not properly registered.
      • Fixed crash spawning actors not being stored correctly.
      • Correctly fixed crash with spawning actors.
      • Fixed crash during character creation. Fixes the following reported issue: HL-232.
      • Fixed optimization animation instancing.
      • Fixed crashes with moving stairs.
      • Fixed crash with VFX after long runs.
      • Fixed crash related changes in Overland.
      • Fixed crash dealing with object status.
      • Fixed crash with parry in battle.
      • Fixed crash with VFX AOE.
      • Fixed crash with hints.
      • An invalid online user ID. Fixed crashes with acquisitions.
      • Fixed crash when talking to Rackham.
      • Fixed crash when using Wingardium.
      • A decrease in stable performance experienced during the longevity of the game.
      • Steady performance decline in the divination classroom.
    • Misc
      • Updated the “Special Thanks” credit and legal lines.
  • PS5
    • gameplay
      • letters
        • Fixed character lip-sync animation when “Original Audio” is set.
    • Cinematics
      • Fixed local VO not playing properly when set to “native audio”.
    • the controller
    • Activities and game help
      • Update performance of activities and improve memory usage.
      • Update for game help tips and videos.

Wow! Again, there are no clear highlights in this patch, but it will hopefully eliminate any hiccups players are experiencing.

Are you still playing Hogwarts Legacy? Show us your most powerful spells in the comments section below.


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