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Hogwarts Legacy, PS5’s spellbinding Harry Potter spin-off, far exceeds sales expectations



Considering the massive weight of the IP in question, it was always going to be a safe bet to predict Hogwarts Legacy to be a big hit. As it turns out, the spell-slinging action RPG was such a huge success that one of the developers who worked on it has already used the title’s commercial achievements to garnish his LinkedIn profile.

Accordingly Arian Darby, Senior Brand and Marketing Manager at Warner Bros. Games, Hogwarts Legacy was a resounding success, “exceeding 12 million units in sales in the first two weeks with $850M+ grossing 256 percent to plan for sell-through at launch”. . Darby also mentioned that Hogwarts Legacy broke the all-time Twitch record for concurrent viewers (for a single-player game) with 1.3 million viewers.

For comparison, the recently released, highly anticipated (and totally awesome) Resident Evil 4 remake shifted a third of that number in its launch window. Hogwarts Legacy has already surpassed Alden Ring, one of last year’s biggest hits and most critically acclaimed games.

Does this news surprise you in any way? Did you learn any valuable lessons about what information is appropriate to put on your resume and what is not? Expect a call from HR soon; Until then, pass the time in the comments section below.


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