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Horizon Call of the Mountain is a great contender for your first PSVR2 Platinum trophy



Following A Trophy Guide for PSVR2 The game is always going to be a little more difficult because there’s a huge chunk of plastic strapped to your head, but if you’re still gunning for platinum trophies in VR, Horizon Call of the Mountain doesn’t feature either. Too much challenge. Appeared on the launch title’s trophy list exophaseAnd the digital awards seem mostly tied to story progression and taking down machines.

The ones that don’t require you to shoot all the warning beacons in the game (small targets hidden in the level), find collectibles, and build cairns at every available opportunity. There are also legendary climbs and a trophy for the master for completing a mission without dying. Just make it easy and we are sure you will have no problem unlocking it. The Complete trophy list Can be viewed through the link.

This Wednesday, February 22, 2023, Horizon Call of the Mountain will launch alongside the PSVR2. We awarded the game 7/10. PSVR2 review, calling it “a stunning demonstration of PSVR2’s potential”. Fun climbing and platforming, impressive visuals, and interactive moments are its best assets.


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