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Horizon Call of the Mountains update 1.04 is now available, here are the patch notes



of PSVR2 The flagship game, Horizon Call of the Mountain, just received a great update. Available to download and install now, the patch (version 1.04) makes a number of great accessibility improvements, as well as fixes a whole bunch of bugs.

To begin with, subtitles now have more options; You can add a black background to make them easier to read, as well as speaker colors to tell who’s talking. You can also increase the font size in subtitles, tutorials, and action prompts.

Elsewhere, the game now includes a high contrast mode to make it easier to find objects you can interact with, and new options to automatically generate arrows and tools have been added. When replaying missions, you can now disable tutorials, and the slow-motion effect on big jumps can now be toggled.

Additionally, Update 1.04 fixes a number of bugs with specific missions, machines, and the UI. We have done the whole pop Patch notes below:

Accessibility features

  • Improved Subtitle Options – Increased black box behind subtitles, speaker colors, and font size for subtitles, tutorials, and user action prompts.
  • High Contrast Mode – highlights objects that the user can interact with.
  • Auto Crafting Arrows – Allows the user to skip the arrow crafting action.
  • Auto Crafting Tools – Allows the user to skip gameplay for crafting tools.
  • Added option to disable or enable tutorial in mission replay.
  • Added option to disable slow down on jump.

Performance and stability

  • Various crash and performance fixes.

Mission and progress

  • Various fixes for where the user could drop and get stuck on objects.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the user might not be able to complete the final mission after using a campfire near the end of the mission.
  • Fixed an issue where the user could get stuck in a menu when using a campfire in the ammo crafting tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where killing a Stormbird near a campfire would stop the user from moving forward.
  • Fixed an issue where the user could get stuck while climbing a tallneck, or not be able to complete the climb.
  • Fixed an issue where progress could be blocked if the user killed Stormbird too early.

the machines

  • Fixed an issue where Shellwalker would not damage the user when its claws were destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where a Watcher could become inactive and not attack the player.
  • Fixed an issue where Stormbird could become inactive and disappear when a frost condition effect is applied.


  • Fixed an issue where aim support would be re-enabled when rebooting the title.
  • The user’s screen may go dark when destroying the ropes of the rope bridge before the tutorial is activated.
  • Fixed an issue where the user could be unable to complete the crafting tutorial if killed by an enemy while crafting.
  • Fixed an issue where the user’s UI could disappear after fighting scrapers.
  • Fixed an issue where gaze tracking could flicker between options in menu screens.


  • Fixed an issue where the Pan Flute could continue to make noise when released, or if the user enters combat while using it.
  • Many audio, dialog and music fixes.
  • Various geometry fixes.
  • Various lighting fixes.
  • Updated the credit list.

Are you still enjoying Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR2? Are you happy with this new update? Immerse yourself in the comments section below.


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