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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores PS5 Review Bombardment is fast



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Update: As expected, the review bombing efforts aimed at Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores took a dark turn this weekend, and the release now sits at a Metacritic A user rating of 2.8 with an overwhelming number of negative scores. It is likely to be difficult throughout the day, as a clear minority continues to wage war with the release.

Original article: Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores has had a very strong critical reception – we gave it an 8/10 for starters – but the expansion is currently under review. Metacritic. Despite attracting an incredibly positive 81 rating from reviewers, the user score is currently at 4.8 and falling, with significantly more negative reviews than positive.

Some people are criticizing the gameplay and content of the expansion, while others feel sad that the DLC is not available on PS4, but most of the complaints seem to revolve around a plot development that takes place at the end of the DLC. If you want to avoid spoilers, we’d advise you not to read the reviews, although if you’re curious you can find out a little more about what happens here.

Obviously this is just a vocal minority and unlikely to negatively hinder the success of the expansion, but we imagine the DLC’s user ratings are going to be even tougher over the weekend, because More people complete it and come to share their opinion about it. We doubt developer Guerrilla Games will be disappointed by the backlash, but expect the topic to dominate discussion until the inevitable Horizon 3.


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