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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores’ Seka shares the story behind her alter-ego’s high ponytail



The Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores expansion has been a joy for players to discover for themselves, and as is often the case, a completely surreal experience for the actual humans involved to watch in motion. Such was the case with Kylie Leia Page, the actress who provided her likeness, mockup performance, and voice for the new character Seka.

Additionally, Paige has revealed that Seka’s distinctive high ponytail was added to the game after developer Guerrilla Games inquired about how she normally wears her hair. Thankfully, Paige has a defined sense of personal style, including a haircut that’s unlikely to go out of style, and one that works in Horizon’s futuristic primitive setting.

It’s great to see, and we can’t imagine looking at our mugs next to Aloy. In unfortunate but related news, Metacritic is changing some of its policies in response to the current round of Burning Shores review bombardment, though the reason for this is pretty spoilery. Would you like to see your own hairstyle immortalized forever in a video game, any day? Book that haircut you’ve been putting off before coming in the comments section below.


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