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Horizon Forbidden West’s PS5 Exclusive DLC has yet another stunning settlement to explore



One of the strengths of sequel Horizon Forbidden West, though not mentioned much, is its achingly beautiful settlements. They may lack interactivity, but they’re simply great areas to explore, bursting with environmental storytelling that reveals more about the lifestyles of the tribes that inhabit them.

Burning Shores, the upcoming PS5 exclusive expansion for release, will add a new city for your visit: Fleet’s End, home of the Queen. “The Queen who ended up in Burning Shores has been here for a while,” A social media post begins“And while survival has been a constant challenge, they have managed to establish an effective settlement.”

The place looks absolutely huge, as it is surrounded by ancient ruins and ships. Those who have played Horizon Forbidden West will know that the Empress is informed by knowledge from the Old World, although her access to information has been reduced, and she has come to worship 21st century CEOs and business tycoons. are We hope this will prove to be important to the DLC’s plot.


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