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Housemark seems to have confirmed a PC port of The Return during GDC 2022



Rumors of a PC port of Housemark’s magnificent Sisyphean opus, Returnal, are, fittingly, never ending. We previously reported that the PlayStation console exclusive looked like it was headed for a PC release after SteamDB listings surfaced. However, the latest hint comes from GDC 2022, of all places.

Housemark gave a presentation at GDC titledCan we do it with particles?: VFX training from Returnal“, which is worth a watch in itself, if you’re technically minded. Alexander Battagliaof Digital FoundryNotes that the game is apparently running on PC, such as debug readout information that appears briefly here.

A PC port of Returnal seems unlikely at this point. Remember, we first got wind of this last year with the infamous NVIDIA leak, and with so many titles announced, and in some cases released, it surprises us that an official announcement has already been made. Why has it not been done?

What do you think of the PC port of Returnal? Will you double dip, and relive the dream of Atropos? Repeat your mistakes in the comments section below.


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