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Idiots on the internet are still abusing Abi from our 2nd face model.



A reminder that, even years after its release, inaccuracies are still abusing the internet. You may remember a few events in the story of The Last of Us: Part II: Part II sent a vocal minority of the video game community into a tizzy, and it resulted in all kinds of unacceptable abuse — even Jocelyn Mettler. , also extended to facial models. Abby’s

It turns out that people are still acting abominably, ie Mettler shared a screenshot of the typical message he receives from so-called “fans” of the franchise. “How dare you stay alive?” prompts an error message. It makes even more dire accusations and threats, and the person also knows “witchcraft”.

Criticism of the game is, of course, perfectly acceptable – but it doesn’t need to point to messages like this. way Cross the mark. Whatever your opinion, and however much you dislike something, remember that it is Admittedly Being entertained – If you don’t like something, it’s very easy to ignore it.


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