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If Sony ever makes a PS Vita 2, it will probably need replaceable batteries



If Sony were ever to release a hypothetical Vita successor (unlikely, and yet we dare to dream), it would need to feature replaceable batteries, at least to comply with the new regulations set by Council of the European Union. The decree aims to “regulate the entire life cycle of batteries” and ensure they remain “safe, sustainable and competitive”.

If the phrase “Replaceable batteries” don’t worry about the long-simmering and deeply painful episodes from the 90s. The idea here just seems to be that end users (us, as consumers) should be given the option to remove or replace batteries from 2027 onwards. Further, the announcement now gives this “important provision for consumers” enough runway and “sufficient time for operators to adapt their product designs to this requirement”.

While the document itself does not specifically mention handheld gaming consoles, it was later confirmed Overkill (thanks, Eurogamer). This trick seems great, frankly, because high-powered handhelds like Steam Deck feel like ticking time bombs with a limited shelf life. That said, our 2012 launch OLED Vita is in excellent shape, with no obvious signs of slowing down, so it’s not like what came before wasn’t built either.

Do you hope that the Council of European Union rules are taken up in other areas? Should we finally give up on our dreams of a Vita successor? Check out the reality in the comments section below.


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