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Is 2024 too soon for PS5 Pro?



So far, 2023 has seen Sony very active in promoting the PS5. With an eye-watering release schedule and the launch of PSVR2, the company is clearly ready to go all out.

You could argue that Sony might want to capitalize on its newfound momentum by launching a bigger and better system sooner rather than later. PS5 sales are currently through the roof, and the release of a Pro model can do Send profits skyrocketing, potentially driving older PS5 adopters into an upgrade.

Four years is a lot of time console wise. In previous generations, we would be looking at the end of a system’s life. However, this generation has been anything but typical, and so historical attributions don’t necessarily apply.

The PS4 Pro was born out of necessity

Another important point to remember is that we cannot as a matter of fact Look at the PS4 Pro as some kind of prelude to Sony’s PS5 plans. The PS4 Pro was released three years after the base PS4, but was a necessary half-step given the rise of 4K televisions. The standard PS4 was incapable of running games at higher resolutions, and so Sony had little choice but to ‘supercharge’ their system so as not to be left behind.

Such a strong incentive does not exist for the PS5. Yes, performance can always be better – it’s undeniable that some games struggle to hold a steady 60 frames-per-second at higher resolutions – but nailing frame rates isn’t the technological leap that would justify a brand new console. required for

Well, what about ray tracing? The visuals are undeniably impressive, but most PS5 games have to settle for dedicated ray tracing graphics modes that sacrifice performance. A PS5 Pro may feature vastly improved ray tracing support as a major selling point – but still, Sony is speaking to a very hardcore subset of the PlayStation community.

… but maybe that’s the plan?

Two new PS5 models, a year apart? Certainly not

New PS5 model
Image: Push square

A PS5 Pro in late 2024… It seems somewhat accurate, but then you consider more A rumor that has a very strong basis. We are, of course, talking about the long-rumored, reworked PS5 model that will supposedly sport a detachable disc drive. The overhaul is expected to launch this year (around September), and will reportedly replace the current PS5 disc and digital versions.


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