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It has taken two years for Marvel’s Avengers to arrive at the cloning lab



Crystal Dynamics first started talking about Marvel’s Avengers’ Omega Level Threat Mission Cloning Lab. Coming back in 2020, but it will finally arrive tomorrow, November 29, with The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes. As part of Update 2.7, the end-game challenge will see MODOK resurrected in a massive multiplayer competition.

“Modoc has developed new strategies since facing players in San Francisco, and is set to test our heroes in this new four-versus-one battle,” said the developer. “As an OLT, The Cloning Lab is designed to feature a team of four high-level heroes, although it will be of the same accessible length as our previous OLT, Family Reunion. The cloning lab requires power level 175 to enter, with the power-level cap rising to 185, rewarding both new gear and higher-level gear.”


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