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It just did everything, follow the Vita, the meaning of life, will describe the glory days of the PS3



Image: Sandeep Roy

Writer Sandeep Roy is back at it again, Starting a Kickstarter project to create a comprehensive history of the PS3 In a beautiful looking hardback format. It’ll chronicle just about everything it’s done, the good times and the bad, from the console’s tumultuous launch to its triumphant return and everything in between.

Previously, Roy successfully Kickstarted and released Vita Means Life , an epic tome detailing the trials and tribulations of Sony’s famously overlooked handheld, so you know he’s got the chops for such an ambitious undertaking. We are not the only ones who think so; At the time of writing, the It Only Did Everything Kickstarter campaign has already raised some £25,566 across 542 backers, more than double the project’s initial goal of £12,500. And that’s all in the first five days alone, with another 25 remaining to secure additional funding.


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