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Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection finds a way on PS5, PS4



A compilation of the highly memorable 8-bit and 16-bit Jurassic Park games will be released on PS5 and PS4, with pre-orders for physical copies beginning September 1st through October 15th. The package will contain three versions of the original jurassic park The game, originally released for the NES, SNES, and Game Boy. You will also get two versions of Jurassic Park Part 2: Chaos continuesOriginally released for the SNES and Game Boy.

Unfortunately, there’s also no word of the popular SEGA Genesis or SEGA CD versions included, though the trailer promises to announce more information about the collection in the future.

Still, each game will be updated for a more contemporary audience, including quality-of-life features like save states, improved in-game maps, and more. We’re particularly fond of the NES adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s hit ’90s film, which includes a very impressive render of a T-Rex during the opening sequence – a remarkable achievement on an 8-bit machine. The actual game is pretty good too – albeit tough as nails.

with Limited run games Preserving the physical versions, there will be a variety of options for ordering. The most basic package will run you $29.99 for a boxed Blu-ray disc, but there’s also a Steelbook edition for $64.99 that ships in classic VHS-style packaging. Then there is the prehistoric version that Dr. Comes with all of the above in addition to Alan Grant’s ID card, a physical CD soundtrack, mini cartridge replicas, and packaging inspired by the original Jurassic Park toys.


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